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Friday, July 10, 2009

Puppy Classes!

Woof, Woof
The fact that I am getting Mum to do my blog for me is proof that I made it through my first Puppy Class. And, boy, was it an experience!! My puppy-mind got totally boggled with all the things expected from me. I even lost interest in the food - but that was Mummy's fault too. Since Mummy was not too sure of what to take as treats or whether to feed me or not, she decided to give me just a little bit of food about an hour before class. At first we drove around for ten minutes trying to find where the classes were being held because, from the map we were given, they had moved to another shed at the show grounds. Eventually we got there, five minutes late - which caused Mummy to be a bit upset because she hates being late.
Anyway, when we got there, I was just so excited, yet reserved, about all the other doggies there! Then, Mummy was told that her treats were not 'yummy' enough for me - which ended up in pouring hers into another container and them giving her some of theirs (the instructors). Anyway, I was over-excited with all the shenanigans going on there and hardly heard a word of what I was supposed to do. Thank goodness Mummy was listening. At least we could follow what everybody else was doing.
At one stage only me and another black Lab puppy (HUGE puppy) was let off our leads to 'Go Play'. I did go and investigate but, Man, that BL was all over me! The fact that I had my purple coat on made things more exciting for him as he just could not get his nose under my tail and kept up-ending me all the time. In the beginning I was very stressed by this whole black thing over me but I stood my ground and did not run back to Mummy! I can see who is Pack Leader in his house. Certainly not the humans!
There were five other puppies besides me and the BL. One was a cute Jack Russel sheila - real small and petite and once I made myself known to her - I was all over her! She most certainly knew how to socialise because everytime I got to her, she just rolled over onto her back to let me meet her. There was a very small ball of fluff there too which just seemed to roll along the floor. Could not make out heads or tails and eventually gave up on trying to socialise with the fluff.
Because of all the training and treats, I quickly got full and eventually did not want to take anymore food or do anything; however, at that stage, it was almost time to go home too. Now Mummy knows NOT to feed me. Good, Mummy hee hee. We also received a clicker - THAT is something new to me but I am learning.
Have much more to tell you: my 'Down' training, my jackets, more pictures, a close encounter with my 'sister', Georgie, the Galah!
This is just a short telepathic message to Mum at work from me relaxing at home.
Until then, take care and God Bless.

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  1. Sounds like you had a quite a bewildering time. Hope you enjoy it takes a while to settle down, but the doggies eventually look forward to the outing. Well done for going though - you are doing the best thing for your doggie, Shirley.
    Tons of love
    Max (&Caryl) in SA