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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Training 'Mummy'

Woof, woof
As promised, I have had some photos taken at the training classes last night. Even though Mummy was not feeling up to it, she still took me (which I am grateful for) but she sure did not look that much alive! I am not all too sure about these classes. Firstly, my first need is to socialise and this does not seem to happen so often at the classes. We must sit, stay, go play, come and just, oh, so many other silly commands, followed by a click and then you get food. Last night I was not interested in the food and just wanted to socialise! Maybe next week will be better.
Anyway, here is Mummy and I looking up at the camera.
Here I have my most favourite toy, my wabbit!
And here, I have NO idea what the lady thought she was doing - my best side??? Do you notice how trained I got Mummy - she is sitting nicely on my blanket hee hee
Despite this all, I do enjoy going as 'Mummy' get to be taught new thing. She bought me a new toy too. It is made by Aussiedog and called 'Home Alone' which normally hangs from a tree branch or frame; has a stretchy rope, a plastic ball (which has a small hole in it where you put pellets into) attached to the end of this rope and then another tug rope at the bottom, onto which I am supposed to pull to have the food drop out of the hole.
Mummy is very keen to keep me occupied during the day when she goes to earn money for bird seed and puppy food - she does not want me to become bored and lonely. At the moment I am kind of wary of this big yellow ball and it is left on the ground for me to knock around.
I seem to have lost my craze for these fancy pellets Mummy bought me - which normally happens after a class because of the titbits and treats we get fed during training. I suppose once I get the hang of it, this will become another of my favourite toys. Until then, my wabbit will do nicely, thank you!
Going to have to go outside now for a bit of fresh air and let my 'neighbours' know that I am still the boss in this yard!
Thank you for stopping by again!
God bless

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  1. Hey Paxton, You make sure you look after Mummy and make sure she gets better soon. We miss her aound here.