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Monday, February 8, 2010

Exercise Time!

Woof, woof

Mummy and I went to Seven Mile Beach today and we were extremely lucky to have a low tide.  This meant that there was a lot of beach to run and ride on.  Oh, yes, Mummy took her bike with and we did just over four kilometres today.  I had a lovely long run next to Mummy riding her bike but we went pretty slow because Mummy thought that I looked a bit tired.  We also played with a tennis ball that we found a while ago - unfortunately, the tennis ball came off second best today.  It now deflates when I hold onto it - I think I must have punctured it!

I am normally very happy when we are out on the beach and I can run freely.  Lately, Mummy also gets me to jump back into the car quite easily - previously I used to not want to get back in, but now I don't mind.  Was a very nice day for a run on the beach - did notice a couple of human males (elderly) doing a spot of 'birthday suit' tanning but it was not in a flaunting manner and Mummy just cycled fast past them .... and I had to try and keep up woof, woof!

The Dad called Mummy on the mobile just as we were heading back towards the car .... he was at home already ..... and Mummy realised that we had been out and about on the beach for just on an hour - which was great for us both.  Good exercise!

Hopefully we can get some more in because it is a long weekend in Hobart this weekend. Paws crossed.

By the way, my friend, MaxDog, sounds as if there may be some improvement and Mummy and I are very happy and hope that the overall result will be in MaxDog's favour!  He sure is one mighty nice Woof!

Take care, keep well and God Bless.


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