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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

See how I've grown

Woof, woof

What another hot day for us in Hobart!  Felt very tropical today and I know that Mummy is not a great lover of this type of weather.   Wonder what she got up to at work?  I had a huge bone to keep me company today and really made small work of it in no time!  I have now moved my daily resting spot to under the nectarine tree.  It used to have a lot of green grass but now with me lying there the whole time, the grass has kind of got less and less although I know that The Dad is really trying to keep it green for me!  Best spot in the yard too as I can see when Mummy comes home.

Oh, and I have a new collar!  My other one that I had since baby-puppy is now too small although Mum is keeping that one (don't ask me what for!)

Just so that you can see how much I have grown, since Mummy got me - here is a comparison!
          Here I was almost 3 months old ....                     and here I am just over 10 months!
What you want now?

Until next time, God Bless


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