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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Alone 1

Woof woof

I knew it, I knew it! Mummy never gets up this early for walkies unless she is going to work! She was all cheery (well, sounded like that to me at least) and over-friendly with me this morning. I should have guessed something was up then.

I did not want no part in what she had planned for the morning because I could sense (we dogs have good senses, you know!) something was about to happen that would make my cute black-tipped tail droop. Mummy put on the light leash (as if that would make me walk) and we left the house. To my surprise I found out that it was still dark outside! I thought, here we go again, and I got half-dragged to the end of the block (I was not going to come willingly) which is only three houses far (but that is not the point). When we got there and turned around, Mummy unleashed me and then started pushing me by my butt up the road (slight uphill). Eventually I thought I would give the old girl some slack, and started running on my own. "Good Boy" she kept repeating and I liked hearing that so I ran a bit faster - which then made Mummy also run a bit faster (told you, I gotta keep the old girl moving).

She was puffing a bit when we got to the front door but I was just fine. I knew that now I would get my breakfast too (must earn or work for my food she says). Anyway, it was: "Sit, Paxton. Give me five" and then I got given my bowl of pellets (I just love these!).

Mummy quickly ran inside to get my bed and put it inside my kennel which she had moved to a different spot last night. An then she was gone .................

Now I am Home Alone and the weather man said it was going to be 9 degrees today!

Oh Woooooooooooooeee I am too upset to carry on right now. Please excuse me. Will fill you in later when I feel a bit better.

Woof, woof


  1. Hey Paxton
    Home alone??? How about some digging? Or if you are in the house - how about chewing up the carpets? Me thinks that if you start digging now, perhaps you can dig through to South AFrica for a visit.

    Also...trying to keep Mom fit...GOOD DOG!!
    You really are a cute little pup. Tell mom to put more pictures up.
    Luv Max &Co in sunny SA

  2. Hello Max & Co

    Grrrrrreat of you to stop by. I think Mummy is too clever for me. She will not let me stay inside the house; besides, I am strugging to potty-train myself too (I know, can be quite embarrassing!).

    I LIKE your idea of digging but I must admit, there is only nice green grass in my day enclosure and I really like that grass. But I will think on your suggestion.

    You take care back there
    Paxton (bitterly cold here in Hobart!)