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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not forgotten

Woof woof

What a relief I had last night! Here I was sitting the WHOLE day thinking that I was now an abandoned puppy and an orphan. There was absolutely no one at home, nor was there anybody to play with. But then, just as my hopes were fading and I watched darkness creep in, there, suddenly, the back door opened and in the doorway stood My Mummy!! I was the happiest puppy on this planet! I had been waiting inside my kennel with my legs folded and could hardly contain my excitement when she stepped outside. Talking about kennels, here is a peak at what Mummy and The Dad built for me.

I know, it may not look like anything from this angle but wait until you get inside it. Nice and snuggly. I have to admit that I find the sides of the entrance very nice to chew on and Mummy keeps reprimanding me with "No biting". I suppose sooner or later I will have to listen to the old girl or else I will end up with a very tattered old hut.

And every morning I now have my bed, two blankets and 'wabbit' put inside my house for the day. Mummy still wants to fix some of my toys so that they hang and I can jump and play with them. I think she is going to do it this weekend - or at least, I hope so!

Oh, I believe when Mummy drove to work and looked at Mt Wellington (that is OUR mountain in Hobart), it was covered with a soft blanket of snow. Now I know that Mummy is crazy about snow on the mountain but I am not too sure on this ...... I fear that Mummy might have ideas to 'introduce' me to the snow. Anybody looking for an attractive, cute, cuddly and stunner of a pup - quickly, before this happens??

Today was not much different to yesterday and, I suspect, it may never change. I will have to have LOTS of nice goodies to play with to keep me busy so that I do not become bored. Today Mummy saw a book on training puppies (I am one) and I know she will buy it - boy, is she going to need it hee hee.

Why are humans so complicated? Sometimes, when Mummy looks sad and lonely, I lick her face and then she smiles again and starts playing with me. I think I must be good medicine for her! I hope she knows that she can become addictive to me - but that is my main aim!

It was raining a bit this morning so we did not go for our drag-run. I also ended up getting to my food bowl before she told me to "Sit" - by then it was too late for her to do anything as she was busy elsewhere in the kitchen. I suppose I was just lucky - I KNOW this will not happen again. Pity.

When Mummy came home this evening we played out on the front driveway and grass area. Our trailer is currently parked on the grass and I chased Mummy around and around the trailer. You should have seen her - too funny holding onto the trailer because the grass was very slippery! She then got a stick and threw it for me. Obviously I ran for the stick but she needs to show and teach me what "Fetch" and "Bring" and "Leave" means. That is where she is going to need her little pocket book! I am so looking forward to being trained. I want to be the best trained dog I can be so that Mummy can be proud of both me and her! Next month I start Puppy Training and I think she wants a bit of a 'heads-up' so that I know something when we go there.

Just so that you see another side of me (like the side profile one?), here are some more photos of me. Handsome, hey??? See my two blankies as well? I will have to have Mummy take a photo of my 'wabbit' for you too.

I am in my bed under Mummy's desk in front of a nice warm heater - I know, I get spoilt - very spoilt - and dictating to her but I am starting to fall asleep and will have to sign off soon. I don't know why, but when I have had my play and food, my eyes always seem to shut on its own. I cannot understand that. Is this a 'puppy' thing?

Oh, I visit my friend Max's blog and, woof, sure one handsome hound that one! Nah, don't worry, I told him it was only a compliment and not to get any ideas. His Mummy is introducing all sort of South African 'dogs' and, woof, are some of these 'dogs' huge! I really enjoyed meeting the rest of Max's family too. All good looking too.

Yaaaawwwn -oops sorry, that is so rude of me! I am starting to snore and I think Mummy needs to get to the kitchen to do something for her and The Dad to eat.

Please let me know when you visit by leaving a short message. I love hearing from you.

God bless


  1. Hey there, Paxton Boy
    Gee man, you are a really cut pup! No wonder mommy is besotted with you!!!If you keep this cuteness up you will have us all running in circles for you.
    Tell mom thanks for putting up pictures. Bloggie people love pics, so it can only make more friends for you.
    Your new house looks cool man! We wish you lots of happy zzz's there.
    Snow...well my boy, you are going to love it! But remember, if you don't, you can come and share our household (but remember - Im TOP DOG here!)
    Take care, gorgeous puppy and send Shirley our love
    Max & Co

  2. Hi there Max my Mate
    Ah Gee, thanks for all the compliments - I am going to get a complex with everybody's comments. Hope it does not go to my head.
    Mummy says that she will be taking more pics of me this weekend in my new outfits (those she bought last week are too small) and add those as well. I will ask her to add some of our house too so that you can see my play area.
    Mmmmmm, Top Dog? How can I become one? Does it mean I must get Mummy to get another dog?
    It is just great hearing from you and your clan, Max.
    Please give mine and Mummy's love to everybody in your household.
    Happy Woofs

  3. You sure are cute and handsome Paxton...You're name is pretty awesome too...I'll be back to read all your posts, but just wanted to say hi first!