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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And then there was just sand ......

Woof, woof

You guessed right! Mummy did go out to buy me some outfits and came back with two - one knitted and one kind of waterproof material on the outside with soft fluffy stuff on the inside; the other one is knitted and reminds me of a Zebra (whatever that is), only the colours are brown and tan. Mainly brown with thinnish tan lines. Fits very snuggish - you should see me! But, alas, the first one is too small (hee hee, she under-estimated my size) and she needs to go and change it for a larger size.

First we went over to Salamanca where I socialised with some humans. I tell you, Human, I was the Star attraction on the block! Some humans seem to think I have Shar-Pei in my ancestry because of all my extra skin and folds I have. What can I say? I wasn't there when it happened - I was just the result of the happening! The only problem I had in Salamanca was with Mummy - she wanted to go 'walkies' and I did not - so she kind of dragged me along on the leash. Silly girl. I could see the nice green grass across the road where all the fallen autumn leaves were blowing around and once the light-bulb went on in her, she took me across the road. I had such fun chasing and going after the fallen leaves. We did not stay there for long because Mummy wanted to take me across to the beach (What is that? A new way of spelling female dog??) at Bellerive - so she won, and we went. I mean, let's be realistic here - who has the car keys, hey?

Anyway, we got to Bellerive and I was speechless at the noise the water made - and it just kept on coming back at me - again and again. I was not that impressed with the ongoing noise. Then it happened! Mummy put me down on the SAND. Naturally, being a dog you know, I bent to smell this stuff under my feet and got quite a surprise when it went up my nose and got me sneezing! What made things exciting for me was the fact that when I exhaled, the sand blew away - wooofffeeee! This was fun but I got bored after a while because nothing else happened. Mummy tried all kinds of things from begging, to 'good boy', to walking, to 'come' but I literally dug my heels in - and got dragged again! I do not know whether Mummy kept an eye on the moving water - but I sure did. You can never tell with humans what next they might do!

At last we got to some stairs and I think by then Mummy got the message - Paxton does not like to walk on sand (well, today at least). Luckily for me there was some grass (great stuff this green stuff) and I could let go of the water-works. Must say, this outfit she got me fits nicely - I do not have to worry about getting it messed up with poop or peep. After that I did not mind a little jog back to the car - just so that the old girl feels a bit better!

Slept all the way back home and am now lying inside the house in front of a lovely heater, dictating to Mummy. I know, I know, what an author does not have to go through to get some decent help today - but she will do!

I am not looking forward to tomorrow because that is when I will end up on my own for the whole day because Mummy goes back to work. I am really going to miss her! It is so long before she comes home again but I think she may take me for a bit of a run before she leaves and that will drain some of my energy and I may be able to sleep for most of the morning. Will have to find something to keep me busy with in the afternoon.

OK - I think that is all I am able to recall of my day so far and will catch you next time 'round.

Until then
Woof Woof


  1. Hello Paxton. You are soooooooooooooo damn cute, i could just eat you up. I can't wait to see pictures of you in your jacket. I am glad you look after mummy and keep her company, good boy. If you keep being good, and don't mess in the house, mummy might keep you inside. You are lucky you get to go to the beach, maybe someday mummy can teach you to play frisbee, that will be fun. Catch you later. Take care of mum!

  2. Hey there Paxton and Shirley
    Greetings from South Africa and welcome to blogging!
    Paxton sure are cute. We know you are young, so you must set the rules down now! Tell Mum you have to sleep inside. Also get Mum accustomed to extensive walks and into the habit of many yummy treats! Tell Mum that you have friends watching out for you now.
    Anyway, come and visit us at our blog soon. We'd love to be friends.
    Luv from Max &Co in SA

  3. Aaaah, my first two fans! Thank you, thank you. Yes, I am looking after Mummy and The Dad says that she is spoiling me but I know she suffers selective hearing hee hee. Max, don't worry, Mummy does let me sleep inside AND she gets up when I need to go to the loo too! I just thought that I would start training her soon so that she knows who is the Pack Leader! Thank you, again, for stopping by. I will keep an eye out for both of you and also be sure to stop by and see what adventurous things you get up to!
    Luv, Paxton