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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Went Walkies!!!!

Woof, woof

I did it!  I did it!

Besides trying to finish some sewing, Mummy also got stuck into doing some filing of accounts, etc.  I thought: "Paxton, my Boy, you will need to be very clever to get Mummy away from all of this now!"  So, I did my usual 'Look at me Ma' trick.  I just layed my head on Mummy's leg, then her arm, then her foot, then the chair - in fact, I even ended up laying my head on The Dad too!

Eventually it worked - maybe not quite as I wanted it to, but still, it worked.  The Dad and I went for walkies along Cornelia Bay whilst Mummy finished up with her filing.  She also had a little machine - OK, maybe not THAT little - called a shredder.  This is real neat.  Mummy puts paper in through a slit and it disappears!!  This machine makes a loud humming noise that really caught my attention!  Anyway, once The Dad said that he would take me walkies, I lost interest in this little machine and told Mummy that she could play with it while I go walkies.

The Dad then took me for a bath (bit, I might add) but I needed to get the seawater off of me.

Now I am a clean boy again!

Thank you, The Dad!

Keep well, and God Bless.

Sunday Morning

Woof, woof

Got to sleep in my own bed next to the side of Mummy last night.  The Dad put my bed there and let me stay in.  Mummy was busy on the computer until something to two this morning!  Both The Dad and I were snoring - The Dad had even taken over Mummy's side of the bed and she was NOT happy about that! 

Yesterday I was pretty much by myself for most of the day.  Mummy was trying to hunt down some thread, only to find out the patchwork shop had closed down!!  Now Mummy is searching via the internet for this thread.  She found a place in Perth WA - hopefully there is some luck for her.

It is a very hazy and crisp morning, this Sunday.  We may be going out somewhere for a drive (paws crossed).  Both Mummy and The Dad are currently busy on their computers.  Also, Mummy has the last of the washing going and this will have to be tumble dried because it may just rain later (the weatherman has been wrong quite a bit lately; sunny, and it was overcast; dry, and it rained - see what I mean?).

I better 'release' Mummy so that she can move to her sewing room.

Keep well, and God Bless.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

One day nearer to the Weekend!!

Woof, woof

And we awoke to another misty hill covering this morning when looking out of our front door.  Makes me go brrrr but Mummy always seems to have a smile on her face - Nice!  Nice??  Are you nuts, Mummy?  That fluffy stuff is wet and cold and anything BUT nice.  Then again, I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Well, Mummy can behold and keep it.  I will take to my warm and soft bed inside where it is snug as toast.

Update on my shoulder - all back to normal now.  Tableting done too.  I have discovered that I do not get egged on to chase the possums either.  Humans learnt a lesson?

Mummy spoke to my human sister back in South Africa last night and B A N G - the relationship is shot again for a while!  My human sister do not seem to be able to have anybody give criticism on their doings - whether constructive or destructive and Mummy (the wOrrier) tends to over-stress concerns when she hears things are not as it should be.  When will she learn?  I suppose when you care too much for somebody this is the ultimate outcome, yes?  I know that Mummy was pretty upset last night and The Dad put me outside to bed.  What do humans do when they couldn't care?  Do they still talk to each other or do they just stay away and avoid contact?  Why are humans so complicated?  Hey, Man, lighten up and get into the 'NOW'.  Just look at us canines - we do not even know what a grudge is, even if the puppy next door almost ripped your leg off (what 'memories' we are left with is, again, how humans handle the moment then and immediately afterwards - we have no reasoning)!!  That is being in the 'NOW'.

I am at home again today after enjoying another day with Mummy at work.  Oh, I so love meeting and socialising with humans. Mummy and I stopped off at Cornelia Bay again on the way home last night and had our half-hour walk.  Love going there too but I sure miss our walks in the woods.  Then I truly am a free and crazy puppy - there is just something about crashing through tall grasses!  Don't worry, humans will not understand this - it is a canine thing.

Better get off my 'telepathic line' to Mummy and let her get on with work.  Hopefully she is more calm when she comes home from work - maybe a quick walk in the woods?  Pleeeze, Mummy, just think about it, will you?

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Picture of Peace and Serenity

Woof, woof

Just had to share this picture of what can only be described as Peace & Tranquility!
Note the shaddows cast on the water.

Did you see it?  Not?  Wrong photo?

Oh, what about this one?

 or this one?

Oh, and the picture of me - that was at Mummy's work today (was also here on Monday), taken in the staffroom.  Like my Egyptian make-up around my eyes?

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

A New Dawn

Woof, woof

It is with sadness that I learnt of the passing of a very special friend of mine in South Africa.  MaxDog passed away Monday morning, 24 June, with his Mummy, MaxMom, at his side.  He sure was a great adventurer with a peaceful soul.  Although it must be very sad for his family, at least we all know that MaxDog is now free from pain, discomfort and suffering. 

MaxDog - Free - you have earned this, Dear Friend!

And life goes on for those of us remaining behind - almost as if nothing has changed.  Why?  I suppose, in reality, nothing has - except for a void being created when a dear one passes on.

I, therefore, dedicate each sunrise this week to MaxDog (Ruffitwood Dancing Spring).  May you have fun chasing after puffy clouds and playing fetch with the sun!

These two morning shots from our front door were taken Monday, 24 June, and Tuesday, 25 June.  (Best of all, the weather bureau forecast clear sunny days.  Woof, did somebody forget to tell that to Mother Nature??)

...and this is dawn trying to come through this morning (26 June).  They do say that when there is mist in the morning, it is going to be a beautiful day.  Who cares when your morning looks as wonderful and peaceful as this!  Hope you like this too, MaxDog!

And these two morning shots from the Staffroom at Mummy's work were taken half-hour apart - the one on the left around 9.15 am and the other, 9.42 am - oh, this was on Tuesday, 25 June.  Is that you, MaxDog, trying to open Heaven's door to let the golden rays shine out?

Keep well, and God Bless.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost Mid-Week

Woof, woof

What a busy time I have just endured!!  Mummy coming home late from work most of last week.  I think we only managed a quick walk once during the week!  Saturday was no better but Sunday arrived and we did go out!

The Dad and Mummy took me to Cornelia Bay where I could socialise with some four-legged friends although, I am hesitant to admit, caused Mummy some stress with me being over-excited about being out and about.  Anybody who knows Mummy will also know that she stresses quite easily and because of wanting to make sure I am 100% well-behaved when we go out, my excitement got the better of me (and Mummy) and had her holding on to my leash when a smaller yapper tried to run circles around me.  Needless to say, I got over-excited and The Dad did not help at all because he kept on giving Mummy 'advise' (bad, bad move there!!).  Afterwards I was taken to the Dog Wash and got a nice warm bath and blow dry.

Sunday evening I ended up chasing the possums from my back garden and, besides almost ripping of my dewclaw (new word for Mummy!), I also over-extended my right shoulder joint that resulted in me being a very, very 'sorry-for-myself' puppy.  BUT, big BUT, I got to sleep next to Mummy in my bed that night (hee hee).  Mummy took me to my Dr the next morning and I am now on anti-inflamatory tablets for a few days.  Mummy was so concerned, she was toying with the idea of taking me to work with her (yipee!!) but decided against it (aaaahh!).  When Mummy got home last night - I was A1 OK!  I may be a souk but I am not a sissy!

Nothing exciting to report on further - pity, but I wish I could.  Mummy is not going to take leave over the school holidays either!  (Not that I would know the difference anyway - but still!)

Hope we can have a quick walk after work this evening - I know that Mummy wants to keep my shoulder mobile so maybe I am in luck.

Better let Mummy get on with her work so that she is not kept late again today.  Will keep you updated.

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mummy's Day

Woof, woof

I woke up this morning with the sound of the washing machine going, Mummy's fingers on the keyboard at the computer and my sister, Georgie (she is a Galah) whewing loudly.  This is her usual way of calling The Dad but he is the last one to listen to her.  Normally Mummy will go and give her a scratch or a chat (she is not into cuddling - silly girl).  By this time, The Dad had also gotten up and was looking on the internet how he can eliminate the thud-sound the water in the pipes make when a tap is closed.

The next thought that entered my mind was: why is Mummy working on her own special day?  Why is The Dad not taking over and doing things for her?  I believe he did walk past her and say: Happy Mothers' Day - and that was it!!  I know The Dad does not have any human children of his own, but, hey, what about Georgie and me??  Do we not count for him?  I think I heard Mummy mutter something like: "...... only one in his world ...." or something like that!

Mummy had a beautiful sunrise greet her and this is what Mother Nature gave her for Mothers' Day:

It is such a bright photo and this is what she saw as she came out of our front door!  The trees in the background on the hill looks like very short hair standing up!  I do not always appreciate these photos because my nose does not smell that far; sorry!

This is me relaxing on top of The Dad.  Mummy says that I am becoming just a bit too heavy for her; pity, I love lying with Mummy too.

Mummy had an extremely busy week gone by and we only managed to go out for a quick walk on Wednesday.  I know Mummy wanted to go out first up this morning but then got stuck into the washing.  Yesterday was also an all-day-at-home day for me (woe is me again) because Mummy went up to Agfest (agricultural festival) near Launceston (OK, near-ish) and, I believe, had a very relaxing day walking around the various interesting stalls.  I can tell you one thing - she probably got stuck at the crafts' stalls and if there were any quilty-thingies, I know that she would have lingered there for a veeeeerrryyyyy long time!

It seems like it is the small things in life that makes my Mummy happy - like me (OK, I know, I'm not that small anymore ....)

But to all the other Mummies out there - Happy Mother's Day

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof