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Friday, June 12, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

Woof woof

Have you got an imagination? Remember that human movie called 'Rocky'? Remember the tune that always played? Now keep that tune in mind and imagine Mummy and I this morning out running.... got it? OK, now - first we ran (makes Mummy feel good if I call it running hee hee) up to the end of our cul-de-sac. We then turned around and this time we sprinted (still running) to the bottom of the road (aaah, about ten houses on one side of the road), then did a U-turn, and ran back up to our house. I was SO proud of myself. Am I not a good boy for Mummy? She did not do too bad herself - even if I must say so.

At least today is going to be a warmer day so I will also be a bit warmer. My new outfit is actually too small for me (I have a big hairy chest and back) so, hopefully, I can get a bigger one this weekend. I know Mummy mentioned that they also sell these type of outfits at the crafts available at the Saturday Salamanca market and I think she is going to have a look there. I will keep you posted on this.

I had to send this blog through to Mummy telepathically so that she could update my blog. Will get back to you all later again.

You all have a good day now, you hear?



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not forgotten

Woof woof

What a relief I had last night! Here I was sitting the WHOLE day thinking that I was now an abandoned puppy and an orphan. There was absolutely no one at home, nor was there anybody to play with. But then, just as my hopes were fading and I watched darkness creep in, there, suddenly, the back door opened and in the doorway stood My Mummy!! I was the happiest puppy on this planet! I had been waiting inside my kennel with my legs folded and could hardly contain my excitement when she stepped outside. Talking about kennels, here is a peak at what Mummy and The Dad built for me.

I know, it may not look like anything from this angle but wait until you get inside it. Nice and snuggly. I have to admit that I find the sides of the entrance very nice to chew on and Mummy keeps reprimanding me with "No biting". I suppose sooner or later I will have to listen to the old girl or else I will end up with a very tattered old hut.

And every morning I now have my bed, two blankets and 'wabbit' put inside my house for the day. Mummy still wants to fix some of my toys so that they hang and I can jump and play with them. I think she is going to do it this weekend - or at least, I hope so!

Oh, I believe when Mummy drove to work and looked at Mt Wellington (that is OUR mountain in Hobart), it was covered with a soft blanket of snow. Now I know that Mummy is crazy about snow on the mountain but I am not too sure on this ...... I fear that Mummy might have ideas to 'introduce' me to the snow. Anybody looking for an attractive, cute, cuddly and stunner of a pup - quickly, before this happens??

Today was not much different to yesterday and, I suspect, it may never change. I will have to have LOTS of nice goodies to play with to keep me busy so that I do not become bored. Today Mummy saw a book on training puppies (I am one) and I know she will buy it - boy, is she going to need it hee hee.

Why are humans so complicated? Sometimes, when Mummy looks sad and lonely, I lick her face and then she smiles again and starts playing with me. I think I must be good medicine for her! I hope she knows that she can become addictive to me - but that is my main aim!

It was raining a bit this morning so we did not go for our drag-run. I also ended up getting to my food bowl before she told me to "Sit" - by then it was too late for her to do anything as she was busy elsewhere in the kitchen. I suppose I was just lucky - I KNOW this will not happen again. Pity.

When Mummy came home this evening we played out on the front driveway and grass area. Our trailer is currently parked on the grass and I chased Mummy around and around the trailer. You should have seen her - too funny holding onto the trailer because the grass was very slippery! She then got a stick and threw it for me. Obviously I ran for the stick but she needs to show and teach me what "Fetch" and "Bring" and "Leave" means. That is where she is going to need her little pocket book! I am so looking forward to being trained. I want to be the best trained dog I can be so that Mummy can be proud of both me and her! Next month I start Puppy Training and I think she wants a bit of a 'heads-up' so that I know something when we go there.

Just so that you see another side of me (like the side profile one?), here are some more photos of me. Handsome, hey??? See my two blankies as well? I will have to have Mummy take a photo of my 'wabbit' for you too.

I am in my bed under Mummy's desk in front of a nice warm heater - I know, I get spoilt - very spoilt - and dictating to her but I am starting to fall asleep and will have to sign off soon. I don't know why, but when I have had my play and food, my eyes always seem to shut on its own. I cannot understand that. Is this a 'puppy' thing?

Oh, I visit my friend Max's blog and, woof, sure one handsome hound that one! Nah, don't worry, I told him it was only a compliment and not to get any ideas. His Mummy is introducing all sort of South African 'dogs' and, woof, are some of these 'dogs' huge! I really enjoyed meeting the rest of Max's family too. All good looking too.

Yaaaawwwn -oops sorry, that is so rude of me! I am starting to snore and I think Mummy needs to get to the kitchen to do something for her and The Dad to eat.

Please let me know when you visit by leaving a short message. I love hearing from you.

God bless

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Alone 1

Woof woof

I knew it, I knew it! Mummy never gets up this early for walkies unless she is going to work! She was all cheery (well, sounded like that to me at least) and over-friendly with me this morning. I should have guessed something was up then.

I did not want no part in what she had planned for the morning because I could sense (we dogs have good senses, you know!) something was about to happen that would make my cute black-tipped tail droop. Mummy put on the light leash (as if that would make me walk) and we left the house. To my surprise I found out that it was still dark outside! I thought, here we go again, and I got half-dragged to the end of the block (I was not going to come willingly) which is only three houses far (but that is not the point). When we got there and turned around, Mummy unleashed me and then started pushing me by my butt up the road (slight uphill). Eventually I thought I would give the old girl some slack, and started running on my own. "Good Boy" she kept repeating and I liked hearing that so I ran a bit faster - which then made Mummy also run a bit faster (told you, I gotta keep the old girl moving).

She was puffing a bit when we got to the front door but I was just fine. I knew that now I would get my breakfast too (must earn or work for my food she says). Anyway, it was: "Sit, Paxton. Give me five" and then I got given my bowl of pellets (I just love these!).

Mummy quickly ran inside to get my bed and put it inside my kennel which she had moved to a different spot last night. An then she was gone .................

Now I am Home Alone and the weather man said it was going to be 9 degrees today!

Oh Woooooooooooooeee I am too upset to carry on right now. Please excuse me. Will fill you in later when I feel a bit better.

Woof, woof

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And then there was just sand ......

Woof, woof

You guessed right! Mummy did go out to buy me some outfits and came back with two - one knitted and one kind of waterproof material on the outside with soft fluffy stuff on the inside; the other one is knitted and reminds me of a Zebra (whatever that is), only the colours are brown and tan. Mainly brown with thinnish tan lines. Fits very snuggish - you should see me! But, alas, the first one is too small (hee hee, she under-estimated my size) and she needs to go and change it for a larger size.

First we went over to Salamanca where I socialised with some humans. I tell you, Human, I was the Star attraction on the block! Some humans seem to think I have Shar-Pei in my ancestry because of all my extra skin and folds I have. What can I say? I wasn't there when it happened - I was just the result of the happening! The only problem I had in Salamanca was with Mummy - she wanted to go 'walkies' and I did not - so she kind of dragged me along on the leash. Silly girl. I could see the nice green grass across the road where all the fallen autumn leaves were blowing around and once the light-bulb went on in her, she took me across the road. I had such fun chasing and going after the fallen leaves. We did not stay there for long because Mummy wanted to take me across to the beach (What is that? A new way of spelling female dog??) at Bellerive - so she won, and we went. I mean, let's be realistic here - who has the car keys, hey?

Anyway, we got to Bellerive and I was speechless at the noise the water made - and it just kept on coming back at me - again and again. I was not that impressed with the ongoing noise. Then it happened! Mummy put me down on the SAND. Naturally, being a dog you know, I bent to smell this stuff under my feet and got quite a surprise when it went up my nose and got me sneezing! What made things exciting for me was the fact that when I exhaled, the sand blew away - wooofffeeee! This was fun but I got bored after a while because nothing else happened. Mummy tried all kinds of things from begging, to 'good boy', to walking, to 'come' but I literally dug my heels in - and got dragged again! I do not know whether Mummy kept an eye on the moving water - but I sure did. You can never tell with humans what next they might do!

At last we got to some stairs and I think by then Mummy got the message - Paxton does not like to walk on sand (well, today at least). Luckily for me there was some grass (great stuff this green stuff) and I could let go of the water-works. Must say, this outfit she got me fits nicely - I do not have to worry about getting it messed up with poop or peep. After that I did not mind a little jog back to the car - just so that the old girl feels a bit better!

Slept all the way back home and am now lying inside the house in front of a lovely heater, dictating to Mummy. I know, I know, what an author does not have to go through to get some decent help today - but she will do!

I am not looking forward to tomorrow because that is when I will end up on my own for the whole day because Mummy goes back to work. I am really going to miss her! It is so long before she comes home again but I think she may take me for a bit of a run before she leaves and that will drain some of my energy and I may be able to sleep for most of the morning. Will have to find something to keep me busy with in the afternoon.

OK - I think that is all I am able to recall of my day so far and will catch you next time 'round.

Until then
Woof Woof


Woof, woof!

My name is Paxton and I am 2 months and 4 days old today. Oh, also, I am a Staffordshire Terrier cross and a real souk for cuddles and kisses from my Mummy. She got me on 31 May 09. I am a real handsome guy with flecks of white on my hairy chest, as on all four my paws. My tail has a touch of black on the very end. I have very unusual hazel-greenish coloured eyes and that made my Mummy fall in love with me. (Not too sure about this love-at-first-sight thingy)

Since this date, her and 'The Dad' have built me a lovely kennel with floor to ceiling carpets and also a padded floor. My soft, warm and snuggly bed fits nicely into the back where I have my own two blankets. And I normally sleep with my own 'wabbit' - which I chew on from time-to-time. The only problem is - I hate being on my own! Do you think she would mind hanging some family photos up on the walls?

I went for my first shots and de-worming on the 4th and was told that I was a very brave boy as I also had my very own microchip injected. Don't know what all the fuss was about! Heck, it is only a needle as thick as my tail that they insert into the back of my neck - nah, only joking (woof-woof). Actually, it was nothing - but I got some treats for being so good anyway (way to go, Paxton-Boy). I believe I have to go back in a month's time for repeat treatment (minus the microchipping, of course).

Yesterday, 8 June 09, Mummy took me for a long walk down on the track and Boy-oh-Boy, did I learn to socialise! I got smellt up by everything with a tail at it's rear but quickly learnt that that was the 'in' thing to do with us dogs. The humans were pretty friendly too and just wanted to touch me.

Mummy did a slow jog (got to keep the old girl moving, you see) and I just trotted along beside her. We went very, very far (well, for me at my age anyway) and I got carried back part of the way. I learnt that when I just sit down and refuse to move, Mummy will pick me up and carry me a bit (hee hee, and she thinks she is training me hee hee). We had to run back the last short bit because it started raining. Made it into the car just in time before the heavens opened up. Not too sure about this getting wet business but Mummy says that she really loves this weather (will have to work a bit harder on her in that department - I am not a water-dog!).

Anyway, so far I have been allowed to sleep inside (enclosed in the laundry) but I know that they have other plans for me. However, I think Mummy might be going out to buy me a warm jacket today because with my short hair, I get cold very quickly and end up shivering terribly (which makes Mummy feel even more compassionate towards me). Hope she does not end up making me look like some space invader!

Well, I think I better call her now because it is food time.

Will let you know later how my day went.