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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is a going to be a good week

Woof, woof

Now you may wonder why I say that this is going to be a good week when it is only Tuesday!  Well, you see, it is just that I am so happy that The Dad is at home this whole week!  He took some leave and we go walking in the forest behind our house every day (so far!).  I also get to lie in a bit longer in the morning hee hee.

On Monday I got to watch The Dad level the tops of our back fence that he installed laaaaaaast year and it was so much fun to be outside with him.  I helped him by chewing on all the little tops of wood he sawed off.  Today was a quieter day and we both relaxed a lot.  The Dad went out for a short while but other than that, we were home bodies!

I love my Mummy but she does not have the strength to play with me like The Dad does (better not let her see this blog either!!), and he does not tire that easily either!  I can bring tug-toys to The Dad and have him 'spar' with me whereas Mummy keeps on losing her grip.  Mummy is just so Girlie!!  I must add that when she comes home, I cannot get enough of her attention and just want to be with her the whole time!  Mummy really makes me feel so special!  Thank you!

Gonna miss this attention next week!!

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof


  1. Daddies are more playful and active than mommies. But we love them both :)
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